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thylander at a glance

Founded in 1986, we are a leading private equity real estate firm with a unique approach to value creation through our vertical setup.

At the core of our business model is our vertically integrated setup allowing us to capture full value in all phases of the investment life cycle. Our more than 50 dedicated professionals provide our investors with best-in-class returns through their expertise spanning from project development across investment management, asset management and fund management.

Today, we manage assets of more than 12 billion DKK across 11 funds, with an investment portfolio spanning over 500,000 square meters and 150 properties. Thylander´s project development arm, Sophienberg Gruppen, is currently developing more than 100,000 square meters of real estate across six projects.

Given our vertical setup, we are uniquely positioned to drive real change on the sustainability agenda – this exemplified in our CO2e-reduction strategy, FIVE:FIFTY (50% on carbon emissions).

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Dedicated employees

our fiVe:fifty ambition

The FIVE:FIFTY ambition is Thylander’s carbon emission reduction target for 2027

Climate change is an immense challenge for humanity and the consequences are already present in many parts of the world. In Thylander, we are aware of our responsibility as a leading actor in the Danish real estate industry and want to be at the forefront of creating a positive impact across climate, environmental and social aspects.

Our ambitious ESG and sustainable efforts are guided by our CO2 equivalent reduction strategy named FIVE:FIFTY. Our goal is to reduce our CO2 equivalents by 50% across our value chain by 2027 (using 2022 as baseline year). This strategy entails decreasing carbon emissions resulting from both daily operations and investment activities. With our new ESG strategy, we would like to reduce our CO2 equivalent emissions on standing assets from 9 to 4.5 kg CO2 equivalent per square meter per year. Similarly, for new developments, we aim to reduce emissions from 11 to 5.5 kg CO2 equivalent per square meter per year (50-year average).

our business model


We invest in and manage real estate assets through our discretionary private equity funds. The funds are managed by our professional team, who make investment decisions based on in-depth knowledge of the market and our proprietary investment approach.


As a trusted asset manager for our institutional partners, we optimize the value of real estate assets across Denmark. We work closely with our partners to meet the specific needs of each individual client, facilitating a more personalized service and effective portfolio management and risk mitigation.


We offer our clients valuable insights into and guidance about the Danish real estate market. By providing clients with a comprehensive range of services to support their real estate investment goals we help clients make informed investment decisions.


Our team possesses extensive experience and a large network in the industry that enables us to handle complex projects in collaboration with external partners. In every project we are involved in, we aim to develop economically sustainable products with lasting architectural value for our investors and partners.

Meet our team here

Our talented colleagues at Thylander are at the core of our business and work in different stages of the value chain.


We develop greenfield projects and re-develop complex landmark projects that deliver lasting value to investors and communities.


We are high-conviction, thematic investors developing products and platforms driven by favorable trends and supply-demand dynamics.


Our deep operating expertise with proprietary local market knowledge allow us to optimize every aspect of real estate.


Our data-driven setup enables full-service and flexible solution with transparent investor reports and diligent risk management of portfolios.


Our dedicated team of experiences strategist and analysts identify and capitalize on new opportunities for growth ensuring we achieve long-term success.


Devoted to providing transparent and effective communication with our valued investors, our Investor Relation team continue to build strong relationships and ensuring we meet the needs of our stakeholders.


Through a data driven approach the ESG team ensures sustainability data analysis and ESG reporting is embedded throughout the organization alongside innovative sustainable solutions.


Providing the highest level of support to our colleagues and clients we ensure seamless business operations.