March 9, 2021


Last week, the furniture design company Formel A opened the doors to their brand new showroom in Thylander’s property on the corner of Esplanaden and Store Kongensgade in central Copenhagen. The ambition is to create a universe that can inspire customers and where Formel A gets the opportunity to tell their story in an original and beautiful setting.

Formula A collaborates with Danish architects and furniture designers, and as the range of furniture is expanded, the company needed a new and bigger showroom.

“When we became aware of the vacant lease on Esplanaden, we had no doubt that it would be an obvious next step for Formel A. With a perfect location on the corner of Esplanaden and Store Kongensgade, where the wide, original window sections constantly frame the life that you experience right outside here in the middle of old Copenhagen,” says Formel A communications manager Julie Holm.

Ever since Formel A were able to establish that they have grown out of their existing premises, they have had a dream of creating not just a larger showroom, but a universe that can inspire the company’s customers. However, one thing is to dream, another is to make the dreams come true.

“Thylander’s commitment to our dreams and ambitions, and their way of passing on our visions from idea to execution, has been a real pleasure. Thylander has shared and supported our desire to preserve the original details of the property and made us feel safe throughout the process. For us, it is a dream come true when we can see how the property’s many original details in a mix with new ones will form the framework for our new universe,” says Julie Holm.

“We have been really happy with the collaboration with Formel A, and we look forward to welcoming them as a new tenant on Esplanaden. Since 1986, we have focused on renovating and adding value to Copenhagen’s many beautiful properties and thereby creating the right conditions for tenants like Formel A to realize their dreams,” says Niclas Milvertz, Investment & Asset Manager at Thylander.

For further information, please contact:

Niclas Milvertz, Investment- & Asset Manager, Thylander, +45 60 19 10 51

Julie Holm, Communications Manager, Formel A, +45 20 83 82 16