Thylander announces strategic direction and new structure

February, 9th 2022


The property group Thylander has seriously turned on the turbo engine from the start of 2022. The company has taken over the Sophienberg Group, expanded the circle of partners and has moved into a newly renovated modern domicile in Bredgade at the center of Copenhagen. Everything must help support Thylander’s achievement of the company’s very ambitious goals by 2026, when the property portfolio must more than double to over DKK 30 billion. DKK

Thylander currently manages nine real estate funds and real estate consortia, with the total managed portfolio amounting to approximately DKK 15 billion and includes a total floor area of ​​approximately 800,000 square meters.

Thylander’s Managing Partner, Kristian Krogh, explains that the large growth ambitions are an expression of a clear strategic choice in a booming real estate market, where Danish and foreign investors’ need for professional investment, management and development skills is growing significantly.

“Our growth strategy is backed by many years of experience and success with the development and operation of properties, which has created particularly solid results for our investors,” says Kristian Krogh.

This is also the reason why Thylander has now taken over the entire ownership of Sophienberg Gruppen, which since 2014 has been part-owned by Thylander. Sophienberg Gruppen’s founder and managing director Lars Bigom joins the partner circle in Thylander and continues as managing director of Sophienberg Gruppen, which continues under the same name.

On the same occasion, it has been agreed that co-founder and director of Sophienberg Gruppen, Niels Krag, will step down from his ownership. Niels Krag continues unchanged in his role as director of the Sophienberg Group with responsibility for construction and production.

“The aim is to achieve greater commercial synergy and to an even greater extent play off each other’s strengths. Together, we cover the entire value chain from project development to operation and management with a common strong focus on quality and sustainability,” says Kristian Krogh.

He also says that Thylander will launch a new fund in collaboration with the Sophienberg Group already this spring.

“The foundation must mix the best from the two companies and develop, build and operate housing, with a sustainable, long-lasting focus on functionality, architecture and materials,” says Kristian Krogh.

With commitments from selected investors, the fund must have an investment capacity of over DKK 2 billion.

“We clearly sense a great interest among investors in the possibility of being involved in housing investments right from the start of the development phase,” says Kristian Krogh.

In addition, Thylander also expands the circle of partners with a number of younger profiles and also the former senior partner in McKinsey & Company, Jørgen Rugholm, joins the circle of partners as a working board member in addition to his other board duties and activities.

The circle of partners now includes Kristian Krogh (managing partner), Lars Thylander, Henrik Køhn, Lars Bigom, Jørgen Rugholm as well as the newly appointed partner Frederik Wiidau (32) and the newly appointed associate partners Maj Blach (35), Mikkel Rosendahl (43) and Jarl Greve ( 28).

“With the expansion of the circle of partners, we are gearing up to realize our growth ambitions. We are strengthening our management capacity and future-proofing the company,” says Kristian Krogh.

Growth and the desire for more attractive and up-to-date settings are the reason why Thylander has just moved into new premises at Bredgade 40 in Copenhagen. The fine modernist office building from the 1950’s has been thoroughly but also gently renovated into a modern office building.