Thylander advises frederiksberg Housing Fund in a major transaction

Thylander facilitates frederiksberg Housing Fund in a major transaction

26. januar 2023

Frederiksberg housing fund sells three properties to kab with assistance from thylander

Thylander has assisted Frederiksberg Housing Fund in connection with the strategic divestment of Roskildegården, Sønderjyllandsgården, and Solbjerggård to KAB.

During the last couple of years, Thylander has collaborated closely with Frederiksberg Housing Fund to create a sustainable financial solution and structure that ensures both the Fund’s financial stability and tenants. After reviewing several solutions, binding purchase agreements were entered for the sale of Roskildegården, Sønderjyllandsgården, and Solbjerggård to the public housing organization KAB.

Thylander has acted as exclusive commercial advisor to Frederiksberg Housing Fund in the transaction, which encompasses 31,965 sqm distributed across 546 residential and 12 commercial leaseholds.

Flemming Brank, Chairman of Frederiksberg Housing Fund: “As many may be aware, Frederiksberg Housing Fund’s divestment consideration have been in the making for a long time and several models have been explored. In this process, it has been of great help to lean on a professional company like Thylander who, with their insight in the real estate market and extensive financing experience, have contributed to an excellent process for the Housing Fund and the other parties involved in the transaction.”

Henrik Køhn, CIO and Partner at Thylander: “The case originally started as a potential acquisition and evolved into an advisory role. We are incredibly happy that we were able to create a solution that satisfied both political and commercial interests. It has been a complicated process and it would not have been possible without admirable, flexible, and trusting collaboration with and the buyer field – including KAB – as well as the parties’ advisers. We have appreciated the process and are proud to have contributed to the strengthening of a venerable property fund. An immense thank you to our team at Thylander and to the other collaborators/investors who patiently stood at our disposal throughout the process.”

For further information, please contact:

Henrik Køhn – – +45 28 89 16 61

Gustav Bachmann – – +45 21 81 16 05