10. marts 2022

Our Annual Report

We are pleased to release Thylander´s Annual Report for 2022. The report highlights our most significant milestones of 2022 as well as lessons learned and our focus going forward. Despite challenging market conditions, we managed to deliver strong results, owing to the dedicated work of our talented team.

2022 was a year in which we continued our commitment to high-quality real estate investment services through our vertically integrated product model. We count more than 50 employees, covering all aspects of the value chain including development, transactions, asset management, and fund management. From our solid financial position, we aim to further solidify our market position in 2023.

Furthermore, we added to our focus on ESG and sustainability through the introduction of our ambitious CO2-reduction strategy; FIVE:FIFTY.

Take a look at Thylander´s annual report for 2022 to find our highlights, sustainability goals and much more. 

Annual Report 2022