THE BEST TEAM OF DEDICATED EMPLOYEES delivering outstanding performance

Albert Bothe

Asset Manager
Tel: +45 26 84 26 04

Anders Rasmussen

Senior Finance Manager
Tel: +45 28 77 38 65

August C. Fuglsang-Damgaard

Analyst, Asset Management
Tel: +45 28 94 42 49

Cecilie Blankholm

Sustainability Analyst
Tel: 60 57 97 22

Christian Haaber Westergaard Nielsen

Director, ESG
Tel: +45 40 43 29 59

Christian Pind Schmidt

Analyst, Investment Management
Tel: +45 31 69 88 61

Christian Tinggaard

Senior Manager, Debt financing & Risk management
Tel: +4530937125

Cindy Kragelund Nielsen

Asset Manager
Tel: +45 60 15 88 55

David Loft

Tel: +45 29 29 22 74

Dorte Munk Evans

Executive Assistant
Tel: +45 24 43 65 02

Emma Bruun Christiansen

Analyst. Legal
Tel: +45 30 25 14 80

Eva Ammitzbøll Rasmussen

Executive Assistant & Officer Manager
Tel: +45 30 80 30 44

Frederik Nørgaard Wiidau

Partner, Project Development Director
Tel: +45 51 89 03 45

Gustav Bachmann

Investment Manager
Tel: +45 21 81 16 05

Henrik Køhn

Partner, Head of Investment
Tel: +45 28 89 16 61

Henrik Qvist Jensen

Project Director
Tel: +45 28 30 89 09

Isabella Job

Analyst, Investor Relations
Tel: +45 29 85 58 00

Jacob Bo Hansen

Director, Finance
Tel: +45 26 15 30 97

Jacob Holmgaard Andersen

Analyst, Strategy & Business Development
Tel: +45 20 58 07 79

Jarl Greve

Associate Partner, Strategy & Business Development
Tel: +45 30 60 80 86

Kasper Thiel

Tel: +45 27 15 10 39

Kim Kristensen

Group Chief Accountant
Tel: +45 24 28 70 79

Lars Holm

Head of Investor Relations - Institutional Clients
Tel: +45 61 63 33 18

Lars Thylander

Founding Partner
Tel: +45 22 14 43 27

Mads Kriby

Finance Associate
Tel: +45 30 60 04 55

Maj Louise Blach

Lawyer, Associate Partner
Tel: +45 20 13 73 37

Marc Ellegaard Helfferich

Analyst, Investment Management
Tel: +45 23 70 22 65

Marcus Hyrup Sørensen

Senior Manager, Asset Management
Tel: +45 25 46 94 68

Maria Sparby

Senior Asset Manager
Tel: +45 42 45 02 00

Martin Skaar Jacobsen

Rental Assistant
Tel: +45 31 32 95 53

Mikkel Rosendahl

COO, Partner
Tel: +45 20 86 92 91

Niclas Milvertz

Director, Asset Management
Tel: +45 60 19 10 51

Nicklas Pedersen

Head of Investor Relations - Family Offices
Tel: +45 21 23 59 04

Rebekka Willeke Romen

Analyst, Communications & Events
Tel: +47 93 41 63 03

Rasmus Tøgern

Senior Project Manager
Tel: +45 22 17 98 07

René Vexborg

Director, Technical Management
Tel: +45 40 38 90 59

Sofie Liv Petry

Junior Analyst
Tel: +45 93 86 35 60

Søren Hald Mortensen

Associate, Asset Management
Tel: +45 24 26 62 98

Søren Vendelbo Jacobsen

Deputy CEO, Partner
Tel: +45 29 16 97 37

Thomas Hedegaard Gulløv

Analyst, Strategy & Business Development
Tel: +45 41 13 70 12

Thomas Høj Fierro

Analyst, Investment & Asset Management
Tel: +45 61 27 93 36

Trine Werner Sejtved

Rental and Operations Manager, BoStad Portfolio
Tel: +45 31 18 31 07

Michael Brichmann

Associate Partner, Head of Asset Management
Tel: +45 27 80 40 38

Maria Hjorth


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Lykke Friis

Member of the Board

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Per H. Jensen

Member of the Board

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Per Klitgård

Member of the Board

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Peter Reedtz

Member of the Board

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Jørgen Rugholm

Member of the Board

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Maria Hjorth
Maria Hjorth is former CEO of VP Securities. She currently sits on the boards of Maj Invest, Trifork, Asetek and Monsenso, among others, and has previously been CEO of Mercer Denmark and with Danske Bank and Carnegie. Maria Hjorth has a Cand.polit. from the University of Copenhagen and has a master's degree in business psychology from the University of Westminster, London.

Member of the Board

Lykke Friis
Lykke Friis is director of the Think Tank Europe and former Minister of Climate, Energy and Gender Equality as well as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Copenhagen. In addition, she has previously worked as head of European policy at DI and been on the board of Velux and Vestas.

Member of the Board

Per H. Jensen
Per H. Jensen is CEO of J-F. Lemvigh-Müller Holding A/S and the group's Real Estate company Lemvigh-Müller Ejendomme ApS. He is a former Certified Public Accountant and partner at Grothen & Perregaard, Grant Thornton and PwC.

Member of the Board

Per Klitgård
Per Klitgård is a professional board member in a number of Danish and international companies. Prior to his board career, he was for 20 years leading some of Denmark's biggest companies in the financial sector - most recently as CEO of Danica Pension.

Member of the Board

Peter Reedtz
Board member. Many years of experience from management jobs in the financial sector with primary focus on Investment and Asset Management. Founder of the Asset Allocation Institute, which advises on strategic wealth allocation. Board member of a number of financial companies in Denmark and internationally. Examiner at Copenhagen Business School and Aarhus University.

Member of the Board

Jørgen Rugholm
After a master’s degree in economics from the University of Copenhagen and a Masters of Arts, Economics from the European University Institute in Florence, Jørgen Rugholm started a 28-year career at McKinsey & Company. He became a partner in 2000 and from 2002 to 2006 he headed the company’s Scandinavian Corporate Finance and Strategy Practice. In 2006 he became Managing Partner in Denmark and from 2007-2014 he was head of EMEA Consumer Practice at McKinsey & Company.
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Advisory Board
Niels-Ulrik Mousten

Member of Advisory Board

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Søren Hofman Laursen

Member of Advisory Board

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Christian Ellegaard

Member of Advisory Board

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Michael Vad

Member of Advisory Board

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Member of Advisory Board

Niels-Ulrik Mousten
Niels-Ulrik Mousten has more than 30 years of experience in financial and asset management, including as director of Danske Capital and SEB Asset Management in Denmark. He is a member of the board of directors at Realdania, PFA Pension, PFA Holding, Northern Horizon Capital A/S, ACM Forvaltning A/S (part of Accunia), Missing Link ApS and Teal ApS (the companies behind Penly) and The Carlsberg Foundation, where he is also a member of the investor's committee.

Member of Advisory Board

Søren Hofman Laursen
Søren Hofman Laursen has almost 40 years of experience from the Real Estate industry, half of them at C.W. The Obel Group, where he was CEO for 16 years. He is a member of the board at Danielsen Architecture A/S, Obelhus A/S and Sophienberg Gruppen A/S, among others.

Member of Advisory Board

Christian Ellegaard
Christian Ellegaard is former CEO of DFD A/S. He has 25 years of experience from the service industry, of which 15 years in Real Estate. He is a member of the board of directors of Danish Crown A/S, PostNord AB, A/S and Chairman of the Board of Det Danske Madhus A/S.

Member of Advisory Board

Michael Vad
Michael Vad is Managing Partner at the international management consulting company Spencer Stuart and responsible for the Nordic Region. He has extensive management experience from, among others, 2M Invest, Egmont and TDC and is Chairman of the Board of the digital gaming company Reto-Moto and Deputy Chairman of the Danish Cancer Society.
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