pfa and industriens pension win a special award for their collaboration with thylander


Thylander is extremely proud of the collaboration with Pension Funds Industriens Pension and PFA that has led to an award for best real estate investments in the Nordic countries at the award ceremony “IPE Real Estate Global Conference and Awards 2019”, which has just been held in Amsterdam.

The jury consists of a number of experts together with the organization IPE (Investment & Pensions Europe), which annually gathers institutional investors from all over the world to participate at the award ceremony.

Industriens Pension and PFA received the award in the category “Regional Nordic Countries” for establishing a well-functioning investment model that identifies attractive and overlooked investment opportunities in residential properties in growth cities outside Copenhagen and Denmark’s second largest city Aarhus.

Investments are centered on a collaboration between the pension funds, Thylander and the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. The investment strategy has been built on a report developed by the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. Their task has been to identify a number of interesting growth cities outside the capital and Aarhus. Based on the study and other data, Thylander identifies, purchases and manages the relevant properties.

“Together with Industriens Pension, Thylander and the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, we have made a solid investment strategy in urban areas under great expansion. In addition to creating stable returns to the pension savers, it also contributes to continuous urban growth,” says Michael Bruhn, property manager at PFA.

“We are very pleased with the recognition of our successful investment collaboration on these investments in medium-sized Danish cities. There are many Danish cities besides Aarhus and Copenhagen, who are experiencing economically growth and population growth which are of great interest to large real estate investors,” says Jan Østergaard, head of unlisted investments at Industriens Pension.

The panel of judges has in a written comment expressed that “the strategy not only complements the companies’ own strategies in Danish properties but also ensures greater diversification of risk and solid risk-adjusted returns. In addition, the model fits well with both pension funds’ overall portfolio and investment strategy”.

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