August 18, 2021


The investment in Container Living is part of the expansion of Thylander’s strategic and operational platform.

“We have been following Container Living for a while and see great potential in the company and its solutions. One of the keys to obtaining better and cheaper quality housing is modular and standardized construction, built according to the principles known from sustainable industrial production,” says Managing Partner in Thylander, Kristian Krogh, and continues:

“Many have tried, but no one, like Container Living, has managed to solve the technical challenges and create a well-worked concept that complies with all the high requirements of the building regulations and at the same time incorporates social well-being and sustainability.”

When Container Living builds their projects, a co-creation process is carried out that involves the future residents. Workshops are held with the opportunity to meet the other residents and together find out how the framework is created for the good life in a modern neighborhood.

Container Living was established in Vejle, Jutland in 2016. The vision is to become the leading innovative developer of module-based container construction in Scandinavia and at the same time set new and high standards within module construction, sustainability as well as community and well-being. Currently, solutions have been established in Vejle and Fredericia (Jutland) and a new mixed property is being established in the Roskilde (Zealand) district Musicon.

“We are very excited to have Thylander on board as a visionary and strategic investor who can support the next phase of our development. We have spent five years developing the concept and the technical solutions, several of which are patented. Our solutions are flexible and can be established in both permanent and temporary locations. We are experiencing great interest from municipalities, housing companies and investors who want to create new solutions, urban life and affordable housing in areas under development,” says Brian Gade, CEO of Container Living.

For further information, please contact:

Kristian Krogh, CEO and Managing Partner of Thylander, – +45 21 31 00 55

Brian Gade, CEO, Container Living, – +45 22 31 23 24