ESG means “Environmental, Social and Governance” and sustainability and responsibility are deeply rooted in both Thylander’s values ​​and in our daily work. For us, there is no contradiction between sustainability and responsibility and creating returns for our investors. On the contrary, we consider financial sustainability and accountability to be the first prerequisite when it comes to making a difference.

When we invest in older Danish properties, we typically carry out maintenance, renovation and upgrading, which creates increased value for the tenants, lower energy consumption and a longer life for the properties.

In recent years, DGNB-certification of brand new buildings has made most of the headlines when it comes to sustainability. But the fact is that in virtually all cases, it is more sustainable to renovate, rather than tear down and build new properties. This is well documented in a report by Ramboll from October 2020.

At Thylander, we are aware of the great inherent responsibility that our work entails. Our industry affects the environment and our business affects the lives of many people; partners, tenants, constructors, suppliers, etc.

We stand by our responsibilities and strive to be a credible and responsible partner with a focus on pushing the industry in the right direction and thus support the political goal in Denmark of 70% reduction of greenhouse gases by 2030.

Internally, we provide equal opportunities for all and an incentive for all our employees to educate themselves and make a career in our company, taking into account qualifications and ambitions. No one gets their job opportunities limited on the basis of gender, ethnicity, disability or sexual preferences.

Thylander supports a wide range of charities that are close to our hearts. We do this completely without business considerations, but solely because it is our responsibility as a resourceful company. We support, among others, Save the ChildrenUNICEF, Break the SilenceLittle Big HelpHuman Practice FoundationThe Why, the Løkke Foundation, Human Rights Watch and Welcome Home

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Thylander is founding partner at RealCare