Iconic Copenhagen property is transformed into a sustainable hot-spot

December 17, 2020

Focus on sustainability in DKK 20 million renovation of iconic Copenhagen property

According to a recently published report from Ramboll, renovation of Copenhagen’s old properties will be an important tool in reaching the target of 70% reduction of greenhouse gases by 2030. Thylander is now initiating a sustainable renovation of one of Copenhagen’s most iconic properties – where the new tenants also focus on the green agenda.

Most people probably know the iconic Copenhagen building for having housed St. Gertrude’s Monastery Basement for 40 years. But in 2018, Thylander bought the property Hauser Plads 30-32 as part of the investment fund TG Partners VI. Since then, the Thylander team has been working on the upcoming renovation, making sure the buildings will appear modern and up-to-date, but with respect for their history and with sustainability in focus.

“Our ambition is to transform the buildings into a new office community, restaurant and wine bar. One of the buildings will be converted into a new modern office space with balcony and new windows, even the old garage is converted into an office. Part of the basement, where there used to be a restaurant, is transformed into an attractive common area with a café, and sit-down workspaces and a whole new backyard at basement level to get more daylight and to solve the escape route conditions,”says project manager at Thylander, Frederik Wiidau.

Report: More sustainable to renovate than to build new properties

A recent publication from Ramboll documents that it is both sustainable and economically advantageous to preserve, renovate and energy optimize the old properties, rather than build new ones. Even if the new construction is done with the most sustainable certifications.

In this way, Thylander is pleased to be able to contribute to the Danish political goal of a 70% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030, by preserving and climate-optimizing properties such as Hauser Plads 30-32, where sustainability is in focus in several areas.

“We have plans to reuse the old wooden rafters for tables and benches, and use recycled materials to improve the acoustics. In collaboration with Lendager Up, we are laying out Dinesen Upcycle offcut floors. The building will be energy-optimized with new windows, post-insulation of the front and energy-efficient LED lighting with PIR will be installed, ”says Frederik Wiidau.

“This is where we are supposed to live”

The property at Hauser Plads will also be a hot-spot for sustainability and so-called zebra companies, who focus on creating long-term and sustainable business-models where profit and social responsibility go hand in hand.

One of these zebra companies is The Footprint Firm, a consulting and investment firm that connects companies, science, academics, government agencies, start-ups and capital. All to ensure climate-friendly and sustainable solutions.

“It has been absolutely decisive for us that the dialogue with Thylander was so constructive,” says Emil Skals, Director of The Footprint Firm. “We wanted something that matched us and in Thylander we got a partner who understood our thoughts on recycling materials and renovation rather than demolition. On a daily basis we advise global companies how to adapt, so we have to practice what we preach.”

Emil Skals is looking forward to having an office in an iconic Copenhagen building with lots of history and distinctiveness and with other companies that share values ​​with The Footprint Firm.

“Even before we started the process of looking for a new office, we talked to the company Matter about whether we would like to live together. We have looked at a number of leases and when we entered Hauser Plads, we immediately said: ‘This is where we are supposed to live.’ It is an absolutely fantastic building where we are allowed to give our distinctive character, ”states Emil Skals.

The entire renovation project at Hauser Plads has a budget of around DKK 20 million. It is expected to start up in early 2021 and finish this summer. There will be a common area of ​​approximately 300 sqm, approximately 650 sqm of new offices and a total area of ​​5,100 sqm consisting of offices, restaurant, café and homes. In addition to The Footprint Firm, companies such as Matter and MyBanker have also chosen Hauser Plads 30-32 as their business address.

For further information, please contact:

Frederik Wiidau, Project Manager, Thylander, +45 51 89 03 45

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