Thylander advises Catella on one of the largest transactions of the year

December, 30th 2021


On behalf of two German property funds, Thylander has completed one of the year’s largest transactions in Denmark of almost DKK 2 billion.

German Catella Residential Investment Management (“CRIM”) has invested in 11 residential properties, divided into four properties in Zealand and seven in Jutland, the majority of which are located in either Copenhagen or Aarhus. The portfolio consists of 636 residential units and seven commercial units, totaling more than 42,000 m².

Thylander handled the transaction on behalf of two property funds, both of which are managed by CRIM. In exclusive collaboration with Thylander, CRIM hereby completes the seventh transaction of the year on Danish soil, with a total transaction volume of DKK 4.3 billion.

In addition to the properties located in Copenhagen and Aarhus respectively, the portfolio also consists of properties in Tilst, Skødstrup, Højbjerg and Greve. “As the big cities become more expensive to live in, more people naturally choose to settle outside the city centers, which is why we also expect stable and slightly rising rent levels in the suburbs in the coming years,” says Henrik Køhn, director and partner at Thylander.

The portfolio consists of properties that strengthen CRIM’s market exposure with student housing, terraced houses and apartments and complement the geographical allocation of their existing portfolios. CRIM, which has invested in Denmark for 10 years, is already present in both Aarhus and Greater Copenhagen as well as Roskilde. The seller of the properties is a number of funds managed by Danish company “Formuepleje”.

“The deal puts a nice end to a very active year that greatly illustrates CRIM’s investment capacity in Denmark. We are incredibly honored to be their trusted partner for 10 years,” says Henrik Köhn. He also emphasizes that the investment appetite at CRIM is not diminishing despite the record year.

The remarkable deal with Formuepleje is CRIM’s last transaction in 2021, where “Hi:Life” in Aarhus, “Støberiet” and “Formeriet” in Sydhavn, “Telegrafkollegiet” in Ballerup and “Falkoner Kollegiet” in Frederiksberg have also been bought in. In addition, CRIM sold a portfolio consisting of four properties over the summer.

“It is fantastic that, in collaboration with CRIM, we have managed to execute this extensive transaction in a few months. This is largely due to a mutual and constructive dialogue between the parties as well as high quality and efficiency for both advisory teams, which on the buyer’s side consisted of Accura, CBRE and X-projects/KHR. From the seller’s side, Colliers and DLA Piper were engaged. Many thanks to everyone involved!” concludes Henrik Køhn.

For further information, please contact:

Henrik Køhn, Partner in Thylander, – +45 28 89 16 61