case: construction of 14 new delicious two-bedroom penthouses

ringstedvej 3-7, roskilde

Ringstedvej 3-7 in Roskilde is the last of a total of 31 properties in the Danske Boligejendomme fund, which was established in February 2017. On this property, which was purchased in 2019, Thylander has – in collaboration with Sophienberg Gruppen, Møgelhøj Arkitekter and the contractor DPU Entreprise – launched construction of new roof constructions, which will add 14 delicious two-bedroom penthouses to the property. The property has a total area of almost 3,000 sqm.

The new penthouses were quickly rented out and the project has – in addition to the new homes – also entailed a significant quality boost to the existing property in the form of, among other things, lower energy consumption and renovated common and parking areas.


Danske Boligejendomme
Ringstedvej 3-7, Roskilde
3,000 sqm