Case: Abolition of illegal subleases and lease for market rent

ny adelgade 3, copenhagen

The property with the exclusive location on Ny Adelgade 3, a side street to King’s Square in central Copenhagen, was bought in 2010 as part of TG Partners I. Our active management consisted of a general upgrade with double glazing on the courtyard facade and general renovation of the property so it appeared up-to-date. We notified / replaced the two store leases and four residential leases were upgraded and rented out for market rent, just as we abolished illegal subleases. As an equity partner and management company, Thylander took the initiative for the deal and was in charge of the negotiations on the purchase of the property, financing and development planning. The property was sold together with the rest of the portfolio of TG Partners I in 2016.

TG Partners I
Ny Adelgade 3, Copenhagen
1,275 sqm